Darby Hudson | Writer & Illustrator


"When something creatively great appears, it feels like it's not really a surprise - it earned its place long ago - before its creator was born."

Darby Hudson is a writer and illustrator who lives in Melbourne, Australia. His work is a delectable tapestry of heart-warming poems,  chortle-enducing sketches, charmingly bitter/sweet illustrations & deliciously dark animations. His humble approach to the creative process offers interesting insight into the role of vulnerability.

Vulnerability is our most accurate measurement of courage. Do you agree? Carl R. Rogers, “What is most personal, is universal.” I feel like it’s the artist’s job to say this message over and over again. Like an SOS sent into the world - we need to be constantly reminded of this message. Vulnerability is courageous: these secret yearnings, hidden fears and unspoken delights exposed to the light. They need to be put on the table to bring us closer together. Everyone is weird, some people just have the courage to show it and live it. When two people love one another, isn't it usually because they've been courageous enough to share their inner weirdo's with one another?

On another level, it's also funny that social media has everyone turning themselves inside out - confessional posts. A great airing. Some good and nourishing, but most carbon-monoxide of the psyhe!

onion‘Creativity is not reserved for a select few. It's available for anyone who has the courage to take it.’ Why is leaning towards creative outlets often met with fear? I think creativity shouldn’t be framed and limited to the ‘arts’. Creativity can simply be in the way you pat a cat, laugh at a joke, or tell someone to go fuck themselves.

“Creativity is inspiration coupled with initiative. Acting on our creativity is an act of faith.” How much do you rely on ‘divine intervention’ to create? Do you feel you control your creativity or does your creativity control you? The best creative stuff hums like it was always around, belonged – and was always here – even before it, or you, and I ever existed. Before the ancients – with the same mysterious and unassuming energy of the wind in a tree, eyes of an animal, or star. When something creatively great appears, it feels like it's not really a surprise - it earned its place long ago - before its creator was born. And it arrives unannounced. I'm yet to feel like I've made something on this level, but I admire those who have. @darbyhudson All above artwork/words by Darby Hudson.

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