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"I don’t see creativity as anything to do with courage, but instead I see it as honouring the call to expand."

London's Louise Androlia is a multi-passionate, uber-talented, fierce and fabulous woman whose offerings to the world are hard to define in your average job title. She works as a Holistic Empowerment Coach, Artist, Tarot Reader, Writer, Speaker and general Magic Maker, or in her own words 'a body shover-in-erer' - getting you back in your body - working with clients to help reconnect their mind-body and spirit and truly arrive home within themselves. She is on a constant quest to honour her inner weirdo and loves teaching people how to feel their feelings. Her beautiful and thought provoking entry for The Vulnerability Project invites us to truly engage with our direct experience and surrender to the power of perspective...

Creativity is not reserved for a select few. It's available for anyone who has the courage to take it.’ Why is leaning towards creative outlets often met with fear? The fear of leaning towards the creative outlets often lies within a worry of self-expression. Many people are so restricted by what others might think of them, or restricted by their own fears that they hide in their own shadows. I think that we must become positively obsessed with getting to know and love our mind, body and spirit. Once you know what it feels like to be really in your own skin (because most of the time we are disconnected) then it is this amazing, exciting and ultimately empowering place to be. When we feel connected to ourselves then we also worry less about what others think because we are in short too interested in what we have to explore and offer.

I don’t see creativity as anything to do with courage, but instead I see it as honouring the call to expand. It’s important to be creative for yourself first, for instance, think of how children have hobbies for no other reason than for fun and to learn but yet as adults we always think we have to do something for a reason or someone might judge us. I love working with elements and I see creativity as a positive expression of the fire element. Misplaced fire element is boredom, frustration, anger and self-deprecation. The flipside is passion, will, creativity, sport, art and adventure. I see being creative as being willing to explore with a faith that there is a story to be told, and you want to see it play out.

"I choose the flipside to holding myself back which is to move forwards, driven by my passions and try to always make my will bigger and more exciting than my won’t."

Worthlessness, lack of self-belief, perfectionism – there are many blocks that prevent us from leaning into vulnerability. How do you move past them? What do those blocks & blurts look like for you? What do you think we can do to make them less controlling/dominant?

I think that we must redesign our own internal dictionaries and remove or reframe words that block us. I have a non-negotiable way of living that includes among other things, not judging myself, ever and I took the word failure from my dictionary a long time ago because it has no productive use for me.

I still get blocks come up of course, I don’t think anyone is exempt from the ‘what if’!; I work with the idea that overcoming fear is the art of learning to be comfortable within your own uncomfortable. My process is that I find it very helpful to say hello to and acknowledge the fears that are present for myself every day. I don’t think we can transform anything unless we are able to be with it in the moment. Once you know what your fears are then it’s possible to reinterpret and shift them.

For me I like to think of either being in a restrictive or expansive frame of self. Fears are very restricted; they give us tunnel vision and cause us to see that brick wall. Whenever I feel stuck in someway I pause and breathe, then say out loud or to myself “How can I see this more expansively.” It’s amazing how soon after I say that I see a new perspective.

Again all of the above come down to a fear of change and the unknown, that is the one to deal with. Perfectionism is hand in hands with procrastination, a worry of moving forward not knowing what ‘might’ happen. Fear of failure is the same as fear of success, just a new space that could hold anything.

Everything is helped by a strong self-care practice and a recognition that we are on a journey of sorts. I resonate with a belief that we are always exactly where we should be. So for instance I am always worthy and my feelings are always of value because they are part of my story. I feel that if we work from a baseline of wanting to feel good then we can be free from restrictions because they are no longer scary, they are just feelings we are having in relation to our experience. I then choose the flipside to holding myself back which is to move forwards driven by my passions and try to always make my will bigger and more exciting than my won’t.

louise1_zps7cc22883"To share your weakness is to make yourself vulnerable; to make yourself vulnerable is to show your strength." Vulnerability is often seen as something we admire in others but detest in ourselves. How do we actively try to close the gap with these concepts? Again, I believe it’s about shifting our relationship to the words themselves. I don’t see us as having strengths or weaknesses because I don’t believe we are broken and needing to be fixed. I feel that we learn these concepts in the schooling system and as adults need to let them go. Instead of that idea of weakness or strength I think we are evolving constantly through a series of cycle that is our own unique stretchy timeframe.

The fact that we all resonate with the word vulnerable differently shows how powerful the word is. I am always working on being more vulnerable, which for me is allowing others to help me and to share more and listen more. It’s learning to be less judgmental of our feelings that enable us to be vulnerable.

Everyone yearns to be heard but is afraid to speak so I think things change when more of us speak up and share our stories. As this happens others automatically reflect that and this is how this gap closes.

“When you breathe into fear it becomes adventure.” What was one of your most terrifying/rewarding experiences? My most terrifying experiences were a chronic pain condition and trauma/PTSD. For a long time my body and mind did not feel like safe places to be. To breathe into the fear meant to climb back into my nurturing my body and mind so that I could step into my healing journey. This lead to a hugely rewarding experience because I now look back upon those five years as the amazing lesson to enable me to do the work I am doing now. The fear did indeed become part of the adventure.

I now try and always have the power of retrospection in the present moment and know that my challenges are in place to lead me to higher ground.

"Even when things seem uncertain I understand that there is a magic that goes far beyond illusion and is a force of nature in itself, an energy that is available for us to create the life we desire."

"Only when we're brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light." How much of your creative process is a battle with power? Do you always find the end result empowering? I try and see everything as a movement rather than a start and finish. I find that fear lives on a restricted time line and lightness lives in a swirling space. I honour what I refer to a ‘surrender practice’ every day and that flows into my work and creative process. For my creative, career and life plans I like to work with a three-step process. First I have the intentions and ideas, then I take action from them, and then I surrender, which means to let go and give in to the natural flow of my journey. It’s the flip side to the controlling way we can be when we get fixated on a result and then disappointed if it’s not just as we planned.

I have been time and time again humbled by how my life ebs and flows and so I feel now I have an admiration for the journey and want to let my process unravel and reveal. I feel the most empowered when I can just be in the present with whatever it is I am doing, and know that the result is always as it should be. If something doesn’t work to my plan then there is usually a better option ahead. There is always a sun and a moon, a light and a shadow and I do resonate with navigating of all corners of that! (I’m a Scorpio - the deep sea diver of the Zodiac!)

The base-grounding root of everything is that I have built up a huge faith and trust in my journey, and I am really excited to cherish, support, and work with it.

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