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"We all have fears and obstacles that we face but you have to love yourself through it."

Sara & Holli are the combined divine lady powers behind The Goddess Project. After packing their lives into an old school bus, they spent the summer of 2012 travelling across America in search of courageous women & their stories - all of which has eventuated in a soon to be released feature-length documentary funded by Kickstarter. This mighty duo have cultivated an intricate tapestry of of women's stories and their project gives voice to the countless everyday women who are committed to transforming themselves and the world around them. For The V Project, Holli & Sara kindly share their insights on the importance of connection, embracing the flashing miracle of our very existence and trusting what we find amongst the darkness...

‘Creativity is not reserved for a select few. It's available for anyone who has the courage to take it.’ Why is leaning towards creative outlets often met with fear? Everyone has the ability to be creative but if we are not supported in these efforts it can be difficult to have enough patience and courage to discover your own creative nature. A lot of times we are discouraged as children from pursuing our creativity, especially when it comes to making money from it. Creativity often requires thinking outside of the box and that also scares people. Many of us never even try things because we’re afraid we’re not going to be good enough. It is important to express yourself how ever that feels natural to you, regardless of what anyone tells you. If you feel called to a certain medium or type of art, that’s usually an inkling that you might have that passion inside you, so follow that urge!

Worthlessness, lack of self-belief, perfectionism – there are many blocks that prevent us from leaning into vulnerability. How do you move past them? What do those blocks & blurts look like for you? What do you think we can do to make them less controlling/dominant? Every time we are feeling low or defeated we just take a deep breath and remember to be grateful. We have so many opportunities in life and it’s so important that we just keep getting up everyday and trying our best, even when it feels like we’re on a losing streak. We all have fears and obstacles that we face but you have to love yourself through it and keep doing what makes you feel joy and happiness because that is why we’re all here. It’s a miracle that we’re alive today so bask in every moment! You are perfect and capable and your potential is infinite. Remind yourself everyday!

"To share your weakness is to make yourself vulnerable; to make yourself vulnerable is to show your strength." Vulnerability is often seen as something we admire in others but detest in ourselves. How do we actively try to close the gap with these concepts? By remembering that we are all just people. We are all afraid and we’re all just trying to navigate our way through this wild thing called life. Being open and honest is the greatest gift you can give yourself and to the world. Vulnerability is strength, and the more transparent we can be the more we can deeply connect with everyone around us and create a more harmonious world. We explore this concept with 10 women in our short film “SHINE.” Check it out here:


“When you breathe into fear it becomes adventure.” What was one of your most terrifying/rewarding experiences? Taking the leap to make this film a reality. In the summer of 2012 we sold most of our belongings and packed our lives into a mini school bus to travel 10,000 miles across America filming inspiring women from all walks of life. We slept in parking lots, on mountain tops, and on city streets, and each day we stepped further and further into the unknown. We met hundreds of people and interviewed so many inspiring women whose stories absolutely transformed our lives! Being just a team of two making our first feature-length documentary, we face new challenges every day and are continuously having to learn new skills in order to make this dream a reality. Although it can be difficult, we have found that each time we have the courage to step out of our comfort zone and learn something new, the rewards far exceed the challenges along the way! The journey itself was definitely the most incredible experience we’ve ever had, and we are so excited to be able to share it with the world in 2015!

“Creativity is inspiration coupled with initiative. Acting on our creativity is an act of faith.” How much do you rely on ‘divine intervention’ to create? Do you feel you control your creativity or does your creativity control you? We couldn’t agree more. Creativity IS equally inspiration and initiative. We feel that we control our creativity because we are constantly having epiphanies about things we want to create but it’s up to us to take the time and have the courage to bring those ideas to life.

"Only when we're brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light." How much of your creative process is a battle with power? Do you always find the end result empowering? Throughout this journey we have discovered that every single thing happens to us to teach us lessons that we need to learn. Often the darkness shows us things that we need to see, and incredible growth can be made in this process. These difficult experiences can make us stronger and more aware than we ever were before. Each and every obstacle is placed for us to discover our ultimate truth.

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